This Day in History - May 14

May 14 1264 – King Henry III is captured by his brother-in-law, Simon de Montfort, at the Battle of Lewes 1509 – At the Battle of Agnadello, the French defeat the Venetians in Northern Italy 1533 &nd

This Day in History - May 13

May 13 1568 – At the Battle of Langside, the forces of Mary Queen of Scots are defeated by a confederacy of Scottish Protestants under James Stewart, the regent of her son, King James VI of Scotland 1607 &nda

This Day in History - May 12

May 12 254 – St. Stephen I begins his reign as Catholic Pope 1588 – King Henry III flees Paris after Henry of Guise enters the city 1641 – The chief advisor to Charles I, Thomas Wentworth, is b

This Day in History - May 11

May 11 868 – The earliest surviving dated printed book is produced in China known as the “Diamond Sutra” 1189 – Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa and 100,000 crusaders depart Regensb

This Day in History - May 10

May 10 1285 – Philip III of Spain is succeeded by Philip IV 1503 – Christopher Columbus discovers the Cayman Islands 1676 – Bacon’s Rebellion begins in the New World 1730 – Signe

This Day in History - May 9

May 9 328 – Athanasius is elected Patriarch bishop of Alexandria 1092 – Lincoln Cathedral is consecrated 1386 – The Treaty of Windsor between Portugal and England is signed. This is the oldest

Liberty Cannon

We're here to fix the machine


We're here to fix the machine.

We are here to fix the machine. The machine is the federal government that has been fundamentally transformed the serve the elite instead of "We The People". Our goal is to engage our fellow Americans on the battlefield of ideas to discover the most ideal way for our nation to be governed to provide the most security with the maximum amount of liberty and freedom for all American citizens. We welcome all people from all walks of life and ideologies to engage with us. Join us on the battlefield of ideas.

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