Amazon 'reviewing' website after suggesting bomb-making materials to customers

Amazon said the company is “reviewing” its website algorithm after it reportedly suggested bomb-making materials to customers after they made purchases. The company made the statement on Wednesday after&nb

Doctor goes into labor while delivering patient's baby

A doctor who was nearing the end of her own pregnancy was helping to deliver a patient's baby when she unexpectedly went into labor. Dr. Emily Jacobs, a 28-year-old OB-GYN resident at the University of Iowa Hospital

After 250 years, Germany finally sees a bison. It's immediately killed

Conservationists are expressing outrage after an official in Germany ordered hunters to shoot the first wild bison seen in the country in more than two centuries. Calling the killing a criminal offense, the World Wildlif

World's most expensive coffee is $68 a cup

A coffee shop in Dubai is rumored to be releasing the world’s most expensive coffee at $68 a cup. Extra Crispy reports that as part of “The 601 Experience,” Seven Fortunes

'Death Wish' cold brew coffee recalled over botulism concerns

Death Wish Coffee Company's cold brew might lead to death, health officials warned on Tuesday.  The coffee company, which claims to sell the “world’s strongest coffee,” announced i

NYC man dies of Legionnaires' disease, 1 other sickened

A Queens resident is dead and another was sickened after they both contracted Legionnaires’ disease within a two-month period, prompting New York City health officials to investigate their apartment building’

Liberty Cannon

We're here to fix the machine


We're here to fix the machine.

We are here to fix the machine. The machine is the federal government that has been fundamentally transformed the serve the elite instead of "We The People". Our goal is to engage our fellow Americans on the battlefield of ideas to discover the most ideal way for our nation to be governed to provide the most security with the maximum amount of liberty and freedom for all American citizens. We welcome all people from all walks of life and ideologies to engage with us. Join us on the battlefield of ideas.

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