SECURITY ALERT Secret Service: Person detained after making threat at WH checkpoint

by Fox News

One person was detained after a suspicious vehicle drove up to a White House checkpoint on Saturday evening, according to a United States Secret Service spokesperson.

A law enforcement official told Fox News that the individual claimed to have an explosive device in the vehicle.

“An individual drove a vehicle up to a Secret Service checkpoint located at 15th Street and E Street NW,” a statement from the spokesperson said. “Upon contact with the individual, U.S. Secret Service Uniform Division Officers detained the individual and declared his vehicle suspicious.”

The incident occurred around 11 p.m. and has prompted the Secret Service to increase “their posture of readiness,” the spokesperson said.

An official told Fox News that one individual was taken into custody; indicating only one person may have been inside the vehicle during the incident.

The driver of the vehicle is currently in custody and being interviewed by officials.

The official could not say what the motive was or if the individual was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

No other details have been released.

Another individual was apprehended earlier on Saturday after jumping a barrier in front of the White House, resulting in a full lockdown of the complex.

The suspect had allegedly jumped a security fence and was on the property for over 16 minutes.

Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, is set to meet with acting Secret Service Director William Callahan and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly about White House security issues on Monday.

Fox News' Alyssa Madruga, Matt Dean and Joseph Weber contributed to this report. 

Written by News Desk

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