Spring Bucket List for Pet Parents

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I still can’t believe it’s Spring already?! We had a perfect Spring day yesterday but today we had snow flurries!

I decided to put together a Spring Bucket List of all the things I want to do before the season is over. I feel like life is moving way too fast lately and we spend so much time working and taking care of business, that sometimes the little things get overlooked. That’s not how I want to live. My gallbladder issues this past month have really made me re-appreciate the “small” things more. I am looking forward to getting this surgery over with so I can start enjoying life again! After all, it really is the “small” things that make life beautiful.

Free Pet Printable – Spring Bucket List

Here is my Spring Bucket List for pet parents. If you would like, you can print this out and frame it in an 8 X 10 frame and use a dry erase marker to check these off! Or, print out and keep on your fridge as a reminder of all the “little” things to do this Spring with your pets. Get outside and enjoy it with them!

Spring Bucket List for Pets from

1.Walk On The Beach

Walking at the beach is one our favorite things to do with Chuy. We live by the beach and dogs aren’t allowed during the Summer months. Boo! So, Spring is the perfect season to enjoy it with Chuy,

Chuy Chihuahua - Walk at the Beach

2. Walk at the Park

This is hands down one of Chuy’s favorite activities. We like to go to different parks so we don’t get bored. If you’re wondering, I don’t do dog parks . . . for many reasons.

3. Plant Pet Friendly Flowers

Our patio is looking a little rough right now. Once I get through surgery, we plan on sprucing it up for Spring. Part of that includes planting some flowers which of course must be dog friendly. Look for a post on this soon!

4. Bake Doggie Easter Treats

Easter is March 31st this year. I’m working on a DIY Easter recipe right now that I look forward to sharing with you soon!

5. Easter Egg Hunt

We take plastic Easter eggs and fill them with doggie treats and let Chuy find them. It’s a lot of fun for him because he gets to exercise his brain and it’s adorable to watch him!

Chuy Chihuahua - Easter Egg Hunt

6. Spring Clean + Organize Pet Supplies

It isn’t Spring without a little Spring cleaning, right? I want to deep clean our home and get rid of all the dog hair and eh hem, any dog stains. (bad dog lol). I also really need to find a better way to organize Chuy’s belongings. I feel like their scattered about the house in different baskets. I started this last year and made these DIY Pet Mason Jars as a start.

7. Picnic at the Park

If you’ve been following me on Instagam or Twitter, you need that I can NOT wait to eat real food again! I really want to do a little picnic in the park with Chuy and my husband. Don’t forget the Moscato though!

Chuy Chihuahua - picnic at the park

8. Bike Ride at the Boardwalk

Virginia Beach has been voted one of the best boardwalks in the country. We love going for bike rides with Chuy down there and doing a little people watching. Stopping off to eat some ‘irresistible’ seafood outdoors is a bigger plus. I love eating outside at the boardwalk b/c Chuy gets to be with us.

Chuy gets out of doing all the work by riding in his basket on my bike!

Chuy Chihuahua - Bike Riding at Boardwalk

9. Visit the Botanical Gardens

I’ve lived here my whole life and only been there once and that was to see the Holiday lights. I want to visit them when it’s not 100 degrees outside yet. Unfortunately pets aren’t permitted though. Boo.

10. Go Strawberry Picking

Virginia Beach has tons of strawberry farms where you can go and pick your own berries. You typically have to go in April because any time after that they are all gone!

11. Shop at the Farmer’s Market

We have an outdoor Farmer’s Market here where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables . . . and a few other cool things. Since it’s outside, it’s dog friendly. Yay!

12. BBQ in the Backyard

No better way to enjoy fresh corn than grilling it outside during a BBQ! I can just picture our gazebo all “springified”  and smell the burgers now!


13. Play Fetch Outside

It’s been a long and cold winter. We are ready to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. I love to play fetch with Chuy while my husband is hard at work with the grill. hehe.

Chuy Chihuahua - Playing Fetch

14. Cherry Blossom Festival

Every April, we have a Cherry Blossom Festival here. It’s all outdoors (of course) so we always bring Chuy along, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy the festivities.


What are you planning on doing this Spring with your pets?

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