EPA Nemesis Scott Pruitt Sworn In As EPA Administrator - This Should Be Entertaining

By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

For some time, the EPA has been out of control.  That tyrannical power and madness was dramatically accelerated under the uber-left Obama Administration.  It has been the daunting task of Attorneys General in Red States across the country to fight the bureaucratic despotism on every possible level including legislation and federal courts.  In general, it has been a losing proposition since more than three-quarters of federal judges are liberal and the Obama administration had Congress completely under his thumb.  

One of the warriors fighting the Obama autocracy and oligarchy in the EPA is a warrior from Oklahoma.  The OK attorney general Scott Pruitt was opposed by the biased media, congressional left, and environmental groups across the country, but in the end, Pruitt was confirmed at the next administrator of the EPA, and he has now been sworn in.  If one listens carefully, the wailing cries of the epaus liberalus loons can be heard across the nation.  

Associate Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Jr. administered the oath of office.  Alito was a stand in for VP Mike Pence, who has presided over most of the oath administering sessions of Cabinet members but is currently out of the country attending the international security conference in Munich, Germany.  Pence is set to deliver a speech to the conference Saturday amid a busy schedule of meeting with various allies.  

The irony, of course, is that Pence is attending a security conference in Germany, who it can be argued just compromised theirs by allowing millions of refugees in both Germany and the greater EU.

The Senate confirmed Mr. Pruitt Friday almost along party lines by a vote of 52-46 after Democrats, as usual, failed in yet another all-night effort to stall the floor vote.  Many industries, including the oil industry so important to the economy of states like Oklahoma, Texas and several of the other 32 oil producing states hope and dare we say, are even praying, for much needed regulatory relief from what has been a dangerously out-of-control EPA.

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