Four Seasons Resort Hualalai Announces Ultimate Pop-Up Volcano Adventure

KONA, Hawaii, March 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Four Seasons Resort Hual?lai announces the first pop-up overnight experience from Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Aptly named 'Rainforest Cottage Hideaway,' the Resort has transformed this secluded cottage located within a 1,000-year-old rainforest, into a Four Seasons residence complete with full staff and amenities. The Rainforest Cottage Hideaway overnight stay is paired with a once-in-a-lifetime experience including touring Kilauea Caldera from the sky and the Kamokuna lava flow ocean entry by foot, helicopter tour of Hawai'i Island, and other memorable activities.

"This is a truly unique experience our guests will only find at Hual?lai," says Patrick Pollak, hotel manager at Four Seasons Resort Hual?lai. "We continuously strive to offer our guests the most authentic, personalized stay while they are within our resort, and now we are able to extend our Four Seasons hospitality through this extraordinary pop-up experience."


Kilauea Volcano on Hawai'i Island

Kilauea Volcano on Hawai'i Island

The Ultimate Pop-Up Volcano Adventure starts with a departure from Four Seasons Resort Hual?lai via private helicopter, followed by an aerial journey of Hawai'i Island with stunning views of beaches, waterfalls, and otherwise inaccessible valleys – with secluded landings along the way. Along the journey, they are joined by one of the world's leading volcanologists, providing expert insights into these magnificent monuments of Earth's origins. Guests will also embark on a guided bike tour to see the point where the lava flow meets the ocean at Kamokuna – witnessing first-hand where more than one million gallons of lava enter the ocean every hour, forming the Island of Hawaii.

Guests will then check-in to the Rainforest Cottage Hideaway and meet their Four Seasons Volcano Ambassadors, where they will enjoy an intimate dinner prepared for them by a Four Seasons Chef complemented by a Hawaiian music and dance performance.   The evening ends with a final tour of Kilauea Caldera, from the ground, allowing guests exclusive access to view and experience the glowing lava flow first-hand.

Following a restful night sleep, guests will wake to the calls of exotic birds in the rainforest and enjoy an intimate breakfast, prepared according to their requests. A chauffeured SUV takes them to an awaiting helicopter to further explore Hawai'i Island by air—including a landing at a secluded beach on the southern coast for a few hours of private swimming and sun, before returning to Four Seasons Resort Hual?lai.

The Ultimate Pop-Up Volcano Adventure is available exclusively to guests of Four Seasons Resort Hual?lai for up to four people, and is priced at USD 39,500 for the 27-hour overnight experience. For additional information or to inquire about booking, please visit or call (808)325-8000.


SOURCE Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

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