Van Hits Crowd Near London Mosque

London has been the site for quite a few attacks as of late—so many so, that even the police in many cases have started to carry firearms again. Although it is far to early to speculate in these cases, the latest strike would appear to be either retaliation, or sheer bad driving.

Just passed 12:20 am BST a van veered into a crowd of people outside of the finsbury park mosque in London. As of this writing, there are “a number of casualties” and the the driver is in custody. So far no words from officials of the true cause, but our prayers are certainly turned once more to London.

From Reuters

"From the window, I started hearing a lot of yelling and screeching, a lot of chaos outside. … Everybody was shouting: 'A van’s hit people, a van’s hit people'," one woman who lives opposite the scene told the BBC.

"There was this white van stopped outside Finsbury Park mosque that seemed to have hit people who were coming out after prayers had finished. I didn’t see the attacker himself, although he seems to have been arrested, but I did see the van."

So far, there are no words from officials of the true cause. Our prayers are certainly turned once more to London.

Written by Steven Airey

Libertarian, Christian, Conservative, Biased to my understandings, but always willing to learn.

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It doesn't seem right to congratulate you on a well-written piece when the subject matter is so destructive. :/ Nonetheless, good job on the article. Pax!

Thank you.

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