Keep Screaming! I’m not Listening!

Written by Rae Ashcraft

I’m an avid reader- insatiable really.  I like just about anything.  I love historical romances and sci-fi.  Dystopian fiction is really entertaining and fun for me to lose myself in for a few hours.  To be honest, what I like about them are the different viewpoints that people are NOT afraid to voice because it’s fiction.  

I find I am always drawn to that fearless, strong woman.  She’s usually the one that is trying to just survive in what is described as a man’s world.  I find it totally insane that we still think of it that way, because the woman owns it!  All of this reading has led me to the following idea– I am a TRUE feminist.   I am not a “nasty” girl; I don’t need to march wearing ridiculous costumes and claim to be fighting for rights that I already have.  

I am a real woman–  honest, strong, free thinking, independent, and very opinionated.  As such, I am not afraid of the truth, or to write my own story.

A moral country is an easily governable country.  Our founding fathers recognized that fact.  The more moral the citizens, the smaller government can be.  People will control themselves, require fewer restrictions, and as such, have more freedoms. In my family, it is called respect.  You better have a fear of God or Mom because if you screw up, one of us is going to get you. But, when a population becomes less moral, as is our country, “big” government is required to control the masses and their indulgences. In turn, freedom becomes an illusion.

Liberal individuals claim to be tolerant of all groups while calling the conservative masses “degenerates, racists, and sexists.”  They are so superior because they are politically correct.  The reality is, they only complain when they are forced to face their depraved and immoral behavior. They want to feel good and indulge in ANY behavior that they choose.

Liberalism has destroyed the home and family, and as such, refer to their “new government constructs.”   They encourage and promote broken homes for minorities and the poverty stricken by developing programs that make these groups, even more dependent on government, and less able to be financially independent. Liberals claim it is for “their benefit,” and they are so smug about criticizing anyone who points out any discrepancies in thinking.

They want freedom of speech, but not if it hurts their feelings, or when what they hear isn’t what they want to hear.  They want the privilege saying whatever they want, but do not want that right for all.  In their narrow, limited view, they only want others to hear what they are shouting.  They are so loud, because to speak it softly, would be for it to go unnoticed.  

Progressives want government healthcare and they call it “equality” for all. Everyone gets the same, exact care.  Sorry, but I don’t want the same care–  I want the best care.  It’s “free,” yet I pay more now than ever before, and have fewer benefits.   However, they equate that to freedom. But it is not free!  We lose choice, and that is true freedom. We lose the choice to have or not have insurance, the choice to see certain doctors, to get multiple opinions, to have surgery, and the list goes on.  

I don’t need the government telling me what I can and can not do for my health.  That should be between my doctor and me.  

Women claim “ my body, my choice,” and have abortions by the millions, resulting in a genocide that goes unrecognized for what it is.  However, these same champions of the left, do not recognize the same rights when it comes to my right to choose regarding vaccinations, for example.  They push to have laws passed that will require all children to get shots that they may or may not need.  Oh, I know it is not politically correct to have that view, but I thought it was my body, my choice…

And let’s talk about those abortions for a minute.  

Why is it a clump of cells when it is an inconvenience, but a baby when it is Beyonce’s ultrasound picture?  Why do they protest an ultrasound before an abortion?  Because then they would have to face the reality of their crime.  Once something is known, it can’t be unknown– once they see that screen, they can no longer deny what is right in front of them….a baby! They claim that abortions are for victims of rape or incest, but what percent of abortions are used for everyday birth control?  And just one more question,  what part of the woman’s body gets ripped out and thrown away like everyday garbage?  NOT one part.  It’s not their body-  it’s their BABY!

Liberals call illegal immigration a right.  What?  IT’S ILLEGAL. Why is it wrong to want people to come to our country the right way?  Conservatives are called racists because we want immigrants to follow the law…. What does racism have to do with that?  Again, I am confused by their lack of logic.  No worries, though, they will keep screaming until we can hear nothing else.

Liberals need big government because they are not able to control themselves.  They see “free things” like freedom and want to force their views on others.  They have no respect for humanity.  They truly think they are above reproach and love to call names and cry foul when their depravity is pointed out.  They don’t want equal rights for everyone.  The reality is that they want better rights, not for all, for themselves.

There are common themes in books because they mirror real life. There is always the victim, the shrinking violet, the weak link.  There is always a hero.  (Oh, get over yourself. It might be a woman)  And there is always a bad guy.  Which one are you?  Are you the moral person?  Do you want what benefits all, or just yourself?  Do you cry when you don’t get your way and scream “victim,” or are you the hero?  Are you willing to face the criticism that results from telling the unpopular truth?  I am, and I have never felt better.  

This is just one little piece of MY story.  If you were offended-  good.  I told it just right.

Written by News Desk

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