April the giraffe GIVES BIRTH - footage shows moment of the calf's long-awaited ARRIVAL

by Daily Express

It's here! April finally gives birth in New York

The now-famous giraffe kept her audiences waiting for the calf, with millions of animal lovers around the world glued to the live stream of the final days of her pregnancy.

The slow birth process began as soon as the hooves made an appearance - this will be April's fourth calf.

April's calf was born at 2.55pm BST, with social media users excitedly welcoming the news.

Giraffes have one of the longest gestation periods of any animal and are pregnant for around 14 to 15 months, or 453 to 464 days.

In the last few days, April has been seen straining and looking increasingly uncomfortable.

The baby had been caught on camera kicking through her stomach, exciting her fans.



April was thought to be past full term weeks ago.

However the zoo’s owner Jordan Patch admitted that there was some uncertainty about when the calf was conceived.

Unlike most animals, giraffes mate at any time of year. However, conception normally takes pLace during the rainy season so that the baby arrives when it is dry.

Courting begins when the female urinates - the male then sniffs the urine and works out whether she is ready to breed. 


If so, he will lick her tail and raise his front leg for the female to position herself for mating.

April the Giraffe has finally given birth


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