First Brexit, Then Trump Wins, and now …

By: Dr. Jake Baker -TapWires News Service

Houston (TW) - By halftime many viewers thought the game was over.  The score was Falcons 21 the Patriots 3.  Brady and company looked like they had about as much chance of staging a comeback as Brexit had of passing in Great Britain or about as much chance as Trump did of winning the Presidency of the United States. 

I would bet that far-left Lady Gaga would sing “God Bless America” live at the Super Bowl before I would expect the Patriots would be the first team in history to overcome a deficit that eventually became 25 points.

Wait a minute, the Brits did pass Brexit and chart their course back to independence from the EU.  Stunningly, Donald J. Trump with all the odds stacked against him, did win the U.S. presidency.  And finally, with a lot less national and international importance but in keeping with the impossible becoming possible, Tom Brady did lead his team to a Super Bowl victory over the Atlanta Falcons, and set his marker in football immortality earning his record breaking 5th Super Bowl title. 

Brady setting a plethora of records including the passing record throwing 50 passes for 466 yards in the first ever Super Bowl overtime.

Never before had any Super Bowl team overcome more than a 10-point deficit.  But this is the age of improbability.  This is a time when the improbable, even the impossible … has suddenly become possible.

It was a short and cold hand shake and greeting between Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who had suspended Brady for four games owing to the “Inflate-Gate” nonsense.  While Goodell had to speak over the boos of the crowd, Brady triumphantly ascended the stage with Terry Bradshaw moderating to uproarious cheers from a wildly enthusiastic crowd that understood what Brady, Bellocchi and Robert Craft’s New England Patriots had just accomplished … the impossible. 

Republished with permission from TapWires

Written by News Desk

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