Hundreds of Federal Works Plan To Destroy Trump Presidency - This Is War – Time To End Pacification

By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

In short, it is time to forget comity, collegiality, and someone's idea of fair play ... This is war and time to end any ideas of pacification.

Throughout the tenure of the anti-American, perhaps treasonous regime of Barack Hussein Obama, the right criticized him for refusing to admit that we were at war with militant Islam.  He refused to say the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”  We mocked him for his refusal to acknowledge a war that had been declared on America by militant Islam.

However, we, Constitutional Conservatives, are guilty of the same thing.  We are in a war.  The left is out to destroy our government, our way of life, and our very nation.  Yet, for several nonsensical reasons, we refuse to acknowledge the war, prosecute it, or take the draconian steps necessary to crush an enemy bent on our complete and utter destruction.  To some, the very concept of our enemies actually trying to destroy us is unimaginable, and they will find this article way too harsh.  But to our enemies, peace talks or trying to reach common ground is just more wasted time they have available to cut our throats and plot our demise.

The enemy's first line of attack has been the constant flow of devastating classified leaks.  Last year there were just under 40 leaks of classified materials perpetrated on America under the Obama Regime.  Many of these leaks were intentional to give our enemies advance knowledge and time to prepare.

I am convinced that Mr. Obama hates America and is hell-bent on destroying this country.  The problem now is still the Obama Regime, but this time it is his vile holdovers. These holdovers are devastating U.S. national security and perhaps providing secrets that may be fatal to our people on the ground around the world.

The solution: President Donald Trump must be prepared to go way beyond cleaning house or merely clearing out the leakers scattered throughout the federal government.  They need to be rooted out and prosecuted under the secrecy laws and given the harshest penalties possible. If what they leaked causes the death of a single American, they should be tried for murder, sedition, and treason and face the death penalty.

The President needs to assure Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he has his back and allow him to pursue with merciless fervor those individuals who illegally wiretapped General Mike Flynn and use every law necessary to see that they are never again able to harm the country.  But that is just the beginning.

Last month we received reports that at least 180 federal employees "have signed up for a workshop featuring expert advice on workers' rights and expressing civil disobedience," which is code for finding legal ways of skirting the sedition laws.  Dozens more have both open and clandestine support groups to discuss opposition and open rebellion against the Trump administration.

Immediately upon taking office, the Trump administration faced federal workers in regular and secret consultation with the newly departed Obama Regime political appointees forming conspiracies aimed at destroying their President, and their country while avoiding the consequences.  Some federal employees have set up social media accounts to anonymously leak word of changes that Trump appointees are trying to make, to show them in the worst possible light, and to thwart every attempt at saving the country.

In many cases lawsuits have been prepared and judges stopped before any of the changes were announced.  Democrats are maniacally brilliant at stealing in the courts what they cannot win at the ballot box.

This will continue until drastic and unprecedented changes are made.  In what can only be considered unprecedented hatred for America, Barack Hussein Obama has ended, by his subversive workings, 44 peaceful transitions of power at the changing of the guard at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  He is involved in a very real coup d'etat.  The goal is to end America as a superpower and lead us into the darkness of a global government, ushering in the Great Tribulation.

It is time to forget politics.  This is war.  It is time to understand that our very survival depends upon mercilessly dredging out these traitors and bringing them to justice and full retribution for the actions they have taken against this country and the American people.  The President’s response needs to be a relentless national media campaign against these conspirators to dehumanize these animals and reveal their dark plans to the American people.

The strategy is simple, but not easy.  Replace the rogue elements at the NSA, CIA, and FBI and use them to ferret out the criminal liberals in our government.  Work with a coalition of individuals to file charges in state courts against these people in several states simultaneously across the country.

It is time that we end the sanctuary nonsense in this country.  Several individuals should file a lawsuit against California in state courts for allowing illegals to vote which affects local, state, and federal elections.   File both criminal and civil suits against governors, mayors, and the city and county officials that allow sanctuary areas to exist.  Bring murder charges against officials that protect illegals who end up murdering U.S. citizens.  Yes, there are ways of doing all of these things.  Let the criminal elements on the left spend the rest of their lives trying to stay out of jail.

Further, it is an open secret in Washington, D.C. that Erick Holder is dirty, and that Hillary Clinton prostituted her position at the State Department to sell favors, for which she could and should receive a life sentence.  Nancy Pelosi and her husband have grown fabulously wealthy from insider trading.  It is well known that Dingy Harry Reed is a criminal.  It is also common knowledge that he left office under threat of prosecution if he stayed.  Chuck Schumer should be investigated by the criminal division of the FBI for aiding and abetting the traitors in government and other abuses of power actions in and out of government.   It is time to end the process of being on defense and go on offense.

We need a billion-dollar rapid response force that can make life a living hell for those on the left bent on destroying the country.  This is war.  It is time to fight fire with fire.  Take no prisoners.  Enough is enough.


Written by News Desk

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