Cincinnati nightclub shooting: Club owner shutting building down for good

by Fox News

The owner of a Cincinnati nightclub that was the scene of a shooting spree last weekend said Monday that he was shutting the building down.

Cameo club operator Julian Rodgers said in a statement the club would officially shut down Friday. One person was killed and 16 were injured early Sunday morning.

"Cameo received a notice to vacate the premises from the landlord and owner of the property," Rodgers said. "Cameo notified the owner that although it had planned to move out in May due to the landlord's planned sale of the property, it will instead voluntarily surrender possession of the property immediately."

Rodgers voluntarily surrendered the club’s liquor license earlier in the day. Cincinnati Police’s Vice Unit will take the license to Columbus and turn it into state officials, city spokesperson Rocky Merz told Fox 19.

"Once the state processes the paperwork this means that there is no more liquor permit and they would have to reapply for a new one, a process that takes months," Merz said.

Additionally, the Ohio Investigative Unit issued five violations against the club, including drug possession, drug use, two separate unsanitary conditions violations after agents found bugs in bottles and dirty club equipment, and a permit was not posted.

Cameo was also cited after it was found to allow patrons to smoke marijuana inside the building, Fox 19 reported.

Police have not identified any suspects in the shooting, but believe multiple shooters were involved. Police added they were not actively looking for anyone as of yet.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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