Thank You, Lady Gaga

Written by Rae Ashcraft

I watched the super bowl last tonight like most Americans did, and was disappointed in the commercials, depressed by the quality of the game, until the 3rd quarter, and prepared to be disgusted by the half time show.

This year, I made the mistake of listening to the commentary of the media predicting what the show would be.  It was reported that it would be political and make a statement, and that it would be sexual and not child-friendly.  I was ready.  I was critical before the show even began, and I was prepared to cry foul!  They were wrong, and so was I.

Lady Gaga put on a great show.  It was a perfect display of her talent, skill and great entertainment.  For that, I want to thank her.

Thank you for entertaining us with your talent and not faking it!

Thank you for wearing outfits that did not malfunction.  They were more tasteful than most, and not overly sexual.  As a mom of a young daughter, and four sons, I appreciate that.

Thank you for not forcing your political views on me.  It was nice just to watch the lights, the dancing, and be entertained.

Thank you for keeping the dancing just that!  It was nice not to have to worry that my child would imitate vulgar positions and simulated sex.  I really am glad that I could see your talent, and not be embarrassed for you or by you.

Thank you for not giving me any reasons to send my children from the room.

Thank you for not showing my children anything that I would have to explain before they are ready to know.

Thank you for showing your support for your beliefs in a way that did not trample mine.

Thank you for not giving me anything to be upset about.

Thank you for having class and acting like a lady.

I am really thankful that this was the outcome.  I will smile, knowing this time an entertainer did just that, she entertained, and my family enjoyed the show. Not that my husband is an authority, but he has not had anything good to say about any half-time show except the “WHO” said, “ well I have to admit, that was a good show.”

Written by News Desk

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