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Pressure on North Korea: China The Key?

Listen to "Pressure on North Korea: China The Key? Disastrous Amtrak, Trans Athletes, Jose Fernandez Statue" on Spreaker.

Show Description: James and Brian are tracking the following stories: a failed missile test in North Korea, as Vice President Pence prepared to visit the southern part of the peninsula: why China is the key. President Trump is willing to touch a political third rail with North Korea in general which is refreshing. Amtrak's North Corridor is profitable: why isn't it spun off while shutting down the rest? Trans athletes may test the limits of the entire debate. Jose Fernandez is getting a statue in Miami outside the Marlins Park, but is that appropriate? His tragic death provides a troubling case. News & Information, #amtrak, #china, #fernandez, #korea, #transgender

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We're here to fix the machine.

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